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Dwarka – Okhamandal: The Unseen Landscape A Disoriented Traveller's Perspective

Author Name: Sneha Ramani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Arts, Photography & Design | Other Details

Dwarka – Okhamandal, dictated and identified by its association with the myths and stories of Krishna, is also identified as one of the “chardham”, hence being a part of the larger tourist network. This setting is visited by lakhs of people for pilgrimage purposes every year. Upon visiting the setting, one gets hit by this evident identity of the region and the presence of Krishna; this is ingrained in the landscape of Okhamandal by the tourist route that flows through the setting. The setting derived from this dialogue allows a spectator to unveil the readings of the land, through his lens. In case of Okhamandal, the identity of the landscape, as a backdrop, is defined by the vast horizons, dry-deciduous vegetation, seasonal waters and rocky undulating topography and the cultured elements through its manifestations. The vegetation cover (at some places) defines the extent of the perception of the area’s identity, which by the overlay of cape associated with memories or myths paints the cultured identity of the setting. In this case, it becomes difficult to un-see any one facet for describing and understanding the layers of identity engraved in the landscape. The setting of Okhamandal is thus the resultant of landscape and land-cape dialogue, where both the notions are in a symbiotic relationship interdependent for their existence and definition.

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Sneha Ramani

An explorer at work, Sneha Ramani is an emerging author along with imbibing other roles of a woman, architect, landscape architect, designer, traveller, artists and photographer. She accessorizes her explorer’s lens whenever she visits new places – new destinations – in search for narrative and stories of the land and the people. Her work is inclined towards architecture, social structures, people’s stories, and studies of landscapes. The most recent publication is ‘The Extent of Limiting Human: Case Study of Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York, United States’, analyses the attribute of timelessness associated with landscapes within cities. Sneha’s education has provided her many opportunities and the visison to look at different dimensions associated with land and place narratives.