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Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance Your Ultimate Go - To Guide for Running Your First 5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathon

Author Name: Dr. K. Jayanth Murali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Sports & Games | Other Details

Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. K. Jayanth Murali in "Enkindling the Endorphins of Endurance." Dive into the clandestine chapters of our evolutionary saga, where our ancestors were the unparalleled maestros of endurance. Our forgotten legacy, etched in the sinews of our DNA, invites us to relive the untamed spirit of ultimate endurance runners. So, Dr. Murali passionately champions the resurrection of long-distance running in today's sedentary landscape, entangled in the web of lifestyle maladies and addictive habits.

Join him on an expedition to revive running's forgotten splendour, rekindle endurance genes, and reclaim primal well-being. This all-encompassing sweat-soaked guide weaves through training plans, long runs, nutrition, and beyond. Challenge yourself to push beyond limits, evolving from dreamers to unyielding cosmic athletes.

Regardless of your starting point—novice, intermediate, unfit, or elite—this book is your kickstart to training. Magically, chaperone yourself to the start line and surge through the finish with unbelievable style. Feel the magic as you carve an extraordinary, endorphin-infused moment into your soul. This guide, a blend of practical wisdom and inspiration, unveils your inner warrior, unearthing latent determination to propel you through life's magnificent marathon finish line.

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Dr. K. Jayanth Murali

DR. K. JAYANTH MURALI is a Director General of Police in Tamil Nadu who has served his country for over 30 years. He spent his early years in Hyderabad and then moved to Delhi, where he obtained his PhD in Microbiology. He joined the Indian Police Service in 1991 and moved to Chennai.

Dr. Murali has handled several key and challenging assignments that have earned him the prestigious President’s Police Medal in 2010 and 2015, the Chief Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Public Service in 2017 and the Chief Minister’s Special Service Medal in 2019. He is also the author of the widely acclaimed books 42 Mondays and Soliloquies on Future Policing.

Dr. Murali is passionate about running marathons. He has carved his way into the Asia Book of Records by creating two records, one in the half marathon category in 2018 and the other in the full marathon category in 2019. He is also an avid reader, blogger, farmer, and running and nutrition coach. He loves to relax by cooking or painting.

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