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ETERNAL SOUL OF A SEA WARRIOR The Life of a Common Fisherman

Author Name: Lourdes Vijayan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Raj commanded, boys!..... go on, immediately, Derick and I activated the strength jointly along with Raj. He continued to say lift, lift, lift... I found the golden duck, my family fortune and our whole day's hard work was coming out of the sea. I was completely amazed by the size of the Telia Bhola. I murmured, Oh My God! This is a huge, papa. My eyes became stunned, unable to get away, Derick shouted stridently, Lourdes, Don‟t give up, persist to put effort to bring it up. Raj did not utter a single word rather his eyeballs were sneaking out because of the power rendered. Raj unceasingly shouting, Guys! Don‟t leave, don‟t give up, we are very close, very close. It requires only minimum exertion however the fruit is big. The Telia Bhola was completely out of the water but not inside the boat. Telia Bhola gradually lost her energy and became helpless.

There was a huge sound from Raj, Oh Mother Mary! Save us in the name of our lord Jesus Christ. My eyes were watering, could not believe the act happened there. The gigantic Telia Bhola was inside our boat. Yes! Raj did it, Raj the brave man did it. I wept stridently with emotion and Derick was hiding his tears since he was highly matured. I gazed at the tummy of Raj, like a distressing patient. The inhaling and exhaling sound reached the shore, it passed on the authentic hard work invested to catch this golden opportunity. 

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Lourdes Vijayan

Dr. Lourdes Vijayan was born on 21st December 1989 in Idinthakarai, Tirunelveli, India. He pursued all his degrees from Jesuit Institutions, after graduation with philosophical studies, He was appointed as an Assistant Professor in Research Department of English at St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous), Palayamkottai in 2013, where he commenced his Ph.D. later under the guidance of Dr. Jockim, Dean of Arts. He resigned and wished to gain overseas experience so he moved to Zambia as a Vice Principal of DMI – St. Eugene University. His Ph.D. passion did not allow him to stay there for long time. Fortunately, he got influenced by the works of Alain Mabankou, decided to do Ph.D. on his fictions. 

Since he belongs to the coastal area, the storyline of the fiction Eternal Soul of a Sea Warrior carries his personal experience as well. He has penned the fiction based on the life of his father Michael Raj. It does not only enclose the personal life of Raj but also the tradition of fisheries and their everyday toil to fill the stomach. 



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