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Every memory reminds her because of him Pain in love

Author Name: Tahira Parween | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


Just go out , meet new guys , have fun , life isn't meant to stagnate for just one man . Afterall ,you are too young for commitments. Its just that simple . All you need to do is simply forget all his memories ,its easy !'' This was what her ears had constantly heard from past 1 year. She was taught to forget and basically replace him. And the one telling her this were saying from their experience . They were right at their part . But I beg to differ. We can definately replace things we lost but only when a better version of the previous one is there. And after Shaan, how could she see someone else's name headed at the top of her good morning texts. How her mornings would have felt without the perfectly imperfect sung songs by him just to wake her up. The clothes once bought to her by him appeared to be made just for these days.  Those streets echoed with their laughter then each weekend . At all eating points , she could see herself with him waiting for the food . To conclude , she was the luckiest one to have blessed with a man who loved her madly , no matter what, just like a father who unconditionally used to love his daughter. These little things never allowed her to replace him . And afterall how was this even possible , when their only ecstacy was each other's arms , when every memory reminds her of him". 










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Tahira Parween

Hello everyone,my name is Tahira parween and people  call me daissy affectionately. My father is a doctor and his name is Ghulam Hussain and whatever I am today only because of him, he is my hero for me. I am born in siwan district in Bihar.i have completed a degree in engineering,branch of computer science before embarking on a writing careers.Now I am software developer and at this time I am working in sun-focus solutions company in mohali(Chandigarh).This is my first book(Every Memory Reminds her Because Of him).My hobbies is singing,dancing,watching horror movies and writer ,but if i tell you truth ,I love to write about of love story.Currently I am residing in Chandigarh.To know more about me,you can mail at