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Fancy a Coffee?

Author Name: Dipanjana Nath | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

When she seeks love ardently, she is deceived; when she looks up to someone, her fate receives nothing other than sorrow and when she looks for none, she gets a link that takes her to her past. In search of her soulmate, Shama walks the path of her life where every nook has a new lesson for her to learn. When Abha moves to Delhi for a better career, she didn't have the knowledge that in a couple of weeks she was going to face the toughest and ugliest time of her life. Would she be able to battle for her safety or just give in to her misfortune? 
Can marriage stop Niharika from emotionally connecting to her soulmate? What happens when she meets him after many decades? Can love ever break the strong walls of a so called balanced life? "Fancy a Coffee?" Talks about the bonding of true souls, their fortune, misfortune and their destiny. 

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Dipanjana Nath

Dipanjana Nath, an engineer by profession and a writer by passion is also a mother of two beautiful children. The most part of her upbringing took place in the North-East of India. Then after completing her Bachelors degree from one of the engineering colleges in Chennai, she flew to Chicago to obtain Post-Graduate degree in IT Management. Her life mostly goes around her kids, work and passion. She's a Libra by sun sign and loves reading books on zodiac signs, palmistry, Tarot reading and spiritual aspects of life. Her passion for art got more intricate when she started exploring different genres and form of arts. Novels, short stories, poetries, hybrid poems, philosophical quotes and one-liners are some of her interests. She is a nature lover and spending time in the solitude of Mother Nature is therapeutic according to her. She's a classical singer and thus religiously practices her music sessions on Sundays.  
The books written by Dipanjana are "Scandalous Disclosure" followed by "Unrequited" and “Love Will Find A Way". She continues to write poems for different anthologies and magazines.  
With her latest book "Fancy a Coffee?", she penned her thoughts and skills on genres like mystery, romance, suspense and thriller. We congratulate her and wish her the best for all her current and future endeavors! 



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