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H.A.P.P.Y - Holistic Approach To Personality, Psychometrics and You

Author Name: Sreenidhi S.K., Tay Chinyi Helena, Priyanka, Vaishali and Mayuri | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

H.A.P.P.Y – Holistic Approach to Personality, Psychometrics and YOU is a treasure chest for people from different walks of life to learn about their true strengths, talents, behaviors, attitudes, competency and thinking styles. The advantage lies in multiple tools and techniques to interpret the people behaviors to understand the diverse influences on human mind by varied factors like heredity, upbringing, situational, environmental and more. The idea is to help people assess and diagnose their potential in the most objective manner to bridge the gap between one’s true potential and current performance. Provides the right approach to add value to life and get the best out of one’s life, career, business or relationships. Helps open doors to the vast reservoirs of capability of individuals and that of the organization. You will gain again and again every time, since to be HAPPY is your birth right. Now get to know how to be HAPPY, and you will be HAPPY throughout your life.

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Sreenidhi S.K., Tay Chinyi Helena, Priyanka, Vaishali and Mayuri

A team of behavioral management experts from Oscar Murphy Life Strategists, the authors of H.A.P.P.Y passionately believe in helping people empower their hidden potential. Both Mr. Sreenidhi SK and Ms. Tay Chinyi Helena are directors with tons of experience in the corporate as well as the academic world.  As Life Strategists they have enabled thousands of individuals to live happy lives with a blend of high value behavioral analytics driven training and coaching interventions. As change catalysts, they have energized business leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

Ms. Priyanka Prashob, Ms. Vaishali Mitra and Ms. Mayuri Dey specialize in Psychometric Analysis and have been the backbone in supporting a vast magnitude of global clientele. The team has helped people from all walks of life into developing their key competency to enable strategic thinking and lead purposeful lives with utmost satisfaction and happiness.