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Harmless Hugs

by Edited by Sahil Verma

Format: Paperback

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Harmless Hugs, an anthology, is a collaborative work of nine LGBTQ and ally writers, hailing from different parts of India, each one talking about a theme intrinsic to our lives and existence. With each page revealing a different tale of coming out, bullying, trans-lives, discrimination, asexuality, homo-erotic escapades and the closeted life of married people, the compilation has been edited by Sahil Verma. Come and be part of the celebration, spend some time in the LGBTQ-normative world, let the honest and diverse tales of love, lust, languishing and survival colour your world queer.

Harmless Hugs was started as an online group which was a safe online space for LGBTQ people to come out and share their thoughts while connecting with each other. The idea was to create a non-discriminatory space for the community where they can be themselves.

Soon enough, Harmless Hugs became popular in the community and started holding offline meetings in Delhi. The team at Harmless Hugs realized that apart from community binding, there was a dire need of mass sensitization and hence, they came up with various concepts including Queer Hugs, Flash Mob, Theater and Film Festival and more.

At the same time, Harmless Hugs kept strengthening the community by organizing different events that included plays, independent film screenings, emotional well-being sessions, health related sessions and so much more.

Harmless Hugs is now recognized as one of the most active Queer Collective working in all its capacity to make society more inclusive and safe for LGBTQ community.



Harmless Hugs





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