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Harmony in Hindsight Poems of Lost Ties and Unheard Sighs

Author Name: Bhavika Khoda | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The book is a compilation of poetry written on the roller coaster rides of high school. When we all discover ourselves, experiment new things and fall in love, only to realise why we shouldn’t. From losing track to studying all nights, the poems display the perspective of unheard girl who uses her tears as stars to add light in darkness. At last, this book is for everyone who is a hopeless romantic, “Love is NOT something we get to choose, its something that chooses us”.

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Bhavika Khoda

Bhavika Khoda grew up in Jaipur. From attending the most lavish school to travelling over 10 countries by the age of 16, she had all the comfort she needed; but something in her craved for warmth, the one her hoodies couldn’t bring. She wanted to be reckless, and explore the unmeasured oceans, play with fire but never get burned. Bhavika wanted to be Cinderella for as long as she can remember; however her innocence took the path of poetry when she realised that she was born with a sword and not a glass slipper. “Princesses don’t cry”, she was taught but her heart bled when she met the King, only to realise that his kingdom is not how she saw it in her dreams. Yet, she poured out love and continued to be kind despite the fact that every night she ended up crying; and now, her tears have become pearls; helping her shine.