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Harry Stickman Robbin Da Bank

Author Name: P. Wilfred Xavier | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

"Harry Stickman: Robbin Da Bank" follows the misfortunes of Harry, once wealthy but now bankrupt and facing eviction. Spotting an opportunity in an ad for the world's first bank with an exposed vault, Harry concocts a wild plan to rob it and save his skin. With humor and heart, join Harry on his uproarious journey filled with twists and turns. Can Harry's enigmatic scheme save him, or will it lead to more trouble? Packed with comedic moments and thrilling escapades, "Harry Stickman" is a hilarious tale of one man's quest for redemption and riches. Will Harry's stickman ingenuity prevail, or will it all stick up in the end? Dive into this riotous adventure to find out!


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P. Wilfred Xavier

Wilfred Xavier, a dynamic and observant boy, driven by his love for books and stick figure drawings, created "Harry Stickman" during a holiday trip when boredom struck. Encouraged by his mother, he developed the storyline and enlisted friend Saidev as illustrator due to their shared vibe and Saidev's drawing skills. With enthusiasm from friends, they worked during school breaks and leisure time to bring the comic to life. Harry Stickman's birth marked the culmination of Wilfred's passion for storytelling and drawing, supported by his contagious energy and smart reflexes.

Saidev's journey with art began at the age of 4, immersing himself in colors like any other child. With a friendly nature, he's always surrounded by friends, embodying an active and fun-loving persona. Yet, he also retreats into his own creative world at times, a trait that strengthens his artistic abilities. The COVID-19 pandemic introduced him to the game "Henry Stickmin," marking a significant turning point. When Wilfred, the author, shared his comic idea, Saidev's curiosity led him to join the creative journey. Together, they brought "Harry Stickman" to life, uniting their talents and passions.



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