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The Rainbow DreamGirls Even Bullies Need Colour Too

Author Name: Kayla Dix, Shannon Dix | Format: Paperback | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

Imagine a world without colour.  

That’s how the victim of bullying can feel; where they lose their confidence and colour.

Come and join the Rainbow Dreamgirls as they try to teach the school bully Raymond, a lesson in how to treat others with kindness and respect.

Will the Rainbow Dreamgirls, Mia, Kayla, Isabel and Siera succeed in teaching Raymond a lesson and spread a little colour where it’s needed?


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Kayla Dix, Shannon Dix

Kayla is an old soul who crochets, reads, and sometimes write books for fun. She is basically a person who is willing to stand up on a chair and sing her heart out without a care of anyone watching.  She is equally balanced introverted, extroverted person. 

Shannon loved to read to his daughters before bed and believes reading and writing will set his girls up for success in life.  During a busy few years, the Rainbow Dreamgirls project was the one constant that took on a life of its own as Kayla and he shaped it together and evolved the characters.  ‘Even Bullies need Colour Too’ is all about shining some light on Bullying; which is something sadly many young girls face and they wanted to tell a story by addressing the issue from the point of view of the bully vs victim, where the focus shifts to stopping the source of the bullying for good.  



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