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Svevi Avatar Glimpses The Pandemic Begins, a Graphic Novel

Author Name: Maya Svevak | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

The fate of the settler colony of Constantina lies in the hands of thirteen leaders. Senior official Bunim Cardozo listens in dismay to revelations by the tribunal of the astounding number of infractions committed by the Europan government. His patriotic pride in his homeland begins to unravel and he finds himself dwelling on the unfortunate events of the past five years that led to this pivotal moment. Maya, a beautiful yogi with special powers, is drawn in by Bunim's anguish and is catapulted into his past: to the day the pandemic began. Unbeknownst to Bunim, Maya lives and feels each moment of his torment, heartache, and grief. Five years ago, when the Constantinans' centuries-long assault on the environment finally led to a viral pandemic, the government could not contain the spread. Instead, they exiled Chin and Afrikan immigrants and incarcerated the sick in death camps, where they experimented on them to find a potential treatment. Fearing for the wellbeing of the earth and innocent humans, the indigenous people outside the militarized borders of Constantina faced a choice. Would they help the Constantinans defeat the virus or allow them to succumb to it?

Hardcover 1995

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Maya Svevak

Maya Svevak is an activist, artist, and author. She writes with the hope of reshaping mindsets toward issues that she is passionate about, such as climate change, injustice, racism, misogyny, violence, economic inequality, and oppression. In her essays, blog posts, and non-fictional pieces, Maya draws on her training as a scientist to clearly lay out the links between cause and effect, so that readers can expand their understanding of the realities that afflict us locally and globally. Through her fictional writing, Maya aspires to absorb readers into the fascinating, mystical worlds of people who are often marginalized and ignored: the indigenous, dark-skinned, disabled, exploited, and abused. To contribute to creating a world where social and environmental justice is a reality Maya left a highly successful academic career to work with disenfranchised communities at the grassroots level. In her work as an activist, Maya meets awe-inspiring individuals whose incredible stories of overcoming hardship with elegance and equanimity she weaves into her writing. Most recently, Maya has created the world of Svevi Avatar, an alternate timeline triggered by divergent events that occurred thousands of years ago. This world parallels our own global systems in ways that connect the Svevi Avatar universe to many of the vital struggles, conflicts, and social dilemmas of our day. Svevi Avatar is being brought to life through art, animation, and vivid story-telling in serialized graphic novellas, novellas, and novels. Maya hopes that her books and publications on diverse online forums will inspire readers all over the world to engage and together make a measurable positive impact on the environment and people.