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Ishanu Tales Select stories from Srimadbhagavata

Author Name: Poornima Kandi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Comics & Graphic Novels | Other Details

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Poorni tried hard to recollect the name of Vedavyasa’s mother but failed. Her grandma, Dodda, nodded her head and gave out the answer. What followed was more questions. Does Brahma see a new universe every single day in his 100 year-life-span? How did Vishnu tackle plagiarism of his Vedas? Was the last Pandava warrior, who escaped Brahmastra, killed by an eight-year-old boy’s curse? Is North star named after Dhruva, who did penance at the age of five? Why did Vaivasvata Manu want his baby’s gender changed? Was Chandra cursed to wax and wane by his father-in-law?  How did a King give birth to a baby, when such medical miracles were unheard of in those ages? Poorni found answers in the form of stories. When she started to read more, she found an interesting connection between the Puranas and the present-day life.  Such stories gave birth to the book, Ishanu Tales. It is a collection of select stories from Srimadbhagavata, one of the eighteen puranas, revered in Hindu philosophy. The Bhagavata comprises of 12 Skandas (volume of books), which include a wide range of topics including cosmology, astronomy, genealogy, culture. This book covers some of the interesting stories on creation of universe, genealogy of Suryavamshis (solar dynasty) and the Chandravamshis (lunar dynasty) and also on various forms that Vishnu takes to restore peace and righteousness (Dharma).   

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Poornima Kandi

Poornima Kandi is a freelance writer with a post-graduation degree in Environmental Science. She calls herself a ‘head-stand writer’, as she feels that most of her writing ideas happen when she is doing a head-stand during her yoga practice. Besides writing and Yoga, Poornima spends her time pondering over mysteries of nature, reading books on philosophy, trying to see life through her sons’ eyes. Her penchant for Rangoli art and coffee is what she feels keeps her mind creative and is a therapy for the otherwise stressful life. Her educational background in science and a flair for writing, made her choose print media as her career, spanning for a period of 12 years. Born in a small town, Raichur and brought up in Bangalore, Poornima has vivid memories of her childhood, listening to innumerable stories from her grandmother. This she feels, is an inspiration to write books.



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