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Himachal Water | Forest | Land

Author Name: Uttam Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

This is an attempt to comprehend the dependent economy of Himachal Pradesh in particular and India in general. I argue that this dependency is created through an institutional mechanism designed to ensure structural flow of capital in geographical space of Himachal Pradesh. This flow of capital is exploitative for the people here. The institutions which creates such flow are those which serves the cause of monopoly corporations and financial institutions, these corporate bodies are represented through state institutions that ensures export of their capital in different geographical locations. Such capital colonizes the region and produce a space of particular kind where the capital is superimposed on societies that have not seen capitalist revolution. Such capital tends to prevent progression in society, it blocks the development of society by hampering the development of productive capacity of human labour, the colonizing power of such capital can be better termed as imperial capital . The flow of imperial capital rests on resource exploitation; resource like water, land, forest and mountains crumbles at the presence of capital, that is to say these resources provides the space for valorisation of capital (valorisation is increase in value of the capital) and the capital in turn produces new social, economic and political space .


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