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Hip-Hop and ESL Shaping Second Language Skills Through Rap

Author Name: Dr. Vijaya Supriya Samnoel | Format: Paperback | Genre : Language Studies | Other Details

Ever thought of turning your language class into a lyrical adventure?
Can a song be the key to unlocking fluency and cultural understanding?

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Dr. Vijaya Supriya Samnoel

Dr. Vijaya Supriya is a versatile, accomplished & goal-oriented professional with 15 years of experience in Educational Administration, teaching, and Research-targeting assignments with an organization of high repute. She is a charismatic professor dedicated to providing students with the necessary tools to achieve academic goals and prepare for future careers. 

She is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, REVA University, Bengaluru.

She is an accomplished educator and researcher, known for her dynamic approach to teaching and her deep passion for music, particularly in the realms of rap songs and hip-hop.

With a rich background in academia, she has seamlessly integrated her love for music into her pedagogical methods, recognizing the powerful connection between music and language learning. As a seasoned researcher, Dr. Supriya has delved into the intricate relationship between music and cognition. Her innovative use of rap songs in the classroom serves as more than just a form of entertainment—it is a strategic tool that breaks down language barriers and fosters a unique engagement in the learning process.

Whether exploring the intricacies of language through rhythm or unlocking the potential for enhanced learning experiences, Dr. Vijaya Supriya continues to inspire students and colleagues alike with her commitment to bridging the gap between music and education. She is also the recipient of 4 awards for her research in music and education. She is supported by her husband, Samnoel, her mother-in-law, Balameenakshi, her daughter, Jessie, and her son, Joeraj, who lives in Chennai.