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HONING TEAM BUILDING SKILLS FROM NATURE Art of building strong, cohesive collaborative teams from migratory birds; Understanding the importance of Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

Author Name: Swaminathan Murali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details


Honing Team-Buiding skills and having flawless Teamwork cannot be achieved by waving a magic wand. It is always awe-inspiring to note how one Team performs better than the others. What is that crucial factor which makes it outstanding? 

The Migratory birds, flying in a V shape, have a significant task to teach on Team-Building. The aerodynamics they streamline is akin to the Team Leader guiding his members to soar high as the sky is the limit. In the stage-by-stage building of a Team, management gurus call them Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning, the basics we can see and observe in the migratory birds. The bird's murmuration during flight with mutual trust is an ideal example of the Team's performance dependence on its effective communication efficiency. The pain and agony faced by the Leader of the migratory bird is a striking example of how they share responsibility.

Adapting the Ubuntu principle of "I am because we are"  provides gritty and robust Teamwork.

The principles of ideal Leadership, the development of innate qualities, and the honing of expertise are all essential aspects of building an excellent Team. In addition to the Intelligent Quotient, the Leader must have a high Emotional Quotient which plays a significant role in energizing the Team. 

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Swaminathan Murali

Swaminathan Murali  is a philanthropist and a freelance writer. Guiding and mentoring youngests is his bailiwick. He has a rich experience of 33 years in the Oil Industry, serving as the General Manager of the prestigiouos Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, a Maharatna PSU company catering to te contracts and procurement needs. He holds  double Masters (Hons) degrees in Chemistry and Biological Sciences from BITS Pilani.

He is an MBA graduate from a B school with specialization in Operations Research. He is a Black Belt in Six sgima and a certified Project Management Professional. He has delivered over three hundred lectures in national and international forums covering various topics like Emotional Intelligence, Contract Management, Myths of contract failures, and arbitration procedures.

He is the author of a very popolar book INTERPERSONAL UNDERCURRENTS available at Notion press and amazon vide link: 



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