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I am a First-Time Mommy A Guide to Managing the Emotional and Physical Roller Coasters That Comes Along With Motherhood

Author Name: Swarn Shikha | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

We, the Mothers, are superhumans born on this planet. We nurture a new life within ourselves and then nurture a brand new human being throughout our life. It is often said that God cannot be everywhere and so he created mothers.

A mother embodies love, sacrifice, patience, and strength in one person. While raising our child, we symbolize a blend of passionate sentiments, careful behavior, and beautiful sacrifice. We begin our journey of hope the moment the child makes his or her presence known in our womb. From then on, we take each step slowly, carefully, and cautiously, with the sole purpose of safeguarding our young one, who is more valuable to us than anything else! 

We are fearless and dare to take on the entire world to protect our children. We exude the purest kind of love and take any humiliation in stride, forgiving continually and silently enduring the anguish of rejection while returning the warm grin of affection no matter how much we are hurt. We may not be singers, but our lullabies are the sweetest; we may not be chefs, but no meal can compare to the deliciousness of what we cook; we may not be teachers, but the life lessons we deliver are unparalleled.

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Swarn Shikha

I am Swarn Shikha. The Almighty blessed my life with my daughter “Anvee”.

With Anvee’s physical birth on the planet, I have been very happy with my new identity, being called a Mother and embracing Motherhood. Nothing else compares to the joy or heartbreak that comes with motherhood. I can't imagine living without experiencing such a wide range of emotions. When my cup runneth over, it's a lovely day. Some days I want to flee and reconsider every decision I've ever made. It gives my life meaning to feel everything, good and unpleasant. All of my nerve endings are raw and exposed when I embraced motherhood. It's the pinnacle of living.

Even with all of its challenges and lessons, I enjoy being a mother. It's a miracle that I can help mold my daughter and allow her to blossom when she's ready in her life's journey. I also have the luxury of instilling self-love and respect in my daughter at a young age. Anvee will know how important she is in our family from the moment she is born, and that she has a place in the world.

I worked on opening myself, seeing where my heart lies, and coming to terms with the fact that I am not the person I was two or three years ago, and that’s okay. I started working towards becoming the person I am inside – a writer, a creator, an examiner of women and their stories.



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