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Indian & Western Air fryer recipes Healthy, Homemade and Good looking food recipes

Author Name: Chef Shweta | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

Good food is a culinary experience “That looks good, tastes good, while being great for your health”. Our doctors and dieticians often tell us to stop eating easily available, good looking and mouth-watering food as it is considered bad for health.

The recipes in this book challenge the opinion that Good looking and tasty food is unhealthy.

Home baked in Air fryer and cooked with healthy ingredients, Indian and Western food recipes presented in this book by Chef Shweta are gourmet treat for any food lover. Homemade recipes in this book can be made with easily available ingredients in every Kitchen and are presented in visually appealing format for home chefs. Recipes shared are flavoured in rich taste of traditional cuisines, that are accessible with 5-star restaurant chefs.

By making these 5 star recipes at home with air fryer, you can cut down on your calories, control your cravings to eat out and start enjoying a guilt free, luscious meal with your family and friends.

Try these Healthy, Good looking and delicious recipes today.

See you in the kitchen

Chef Shweta


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Congratulations on purchasing your copy of Indian & Western Air fryer recipes by Chef Shweta. I am delighted to know that like me you have made a conscious choice to serve only healthy, good looking and flavoursome food to your family and friends.

Food has emotions. It has a mysterious ability to nourish life, bring people closer and swing a bad mood. Food is what runs life and life often runs to earn food. Each of us can learn to cook good looking food which brings smiles to our families and unites cultures.

Raised in humble backgrounds I come from family passionate about food. Professionally qualified in Human resources, I grew in a traditional Indian household where Deep fried, High sugar, Ghee (Clarified Butter) laced food was always a preferred indulgence. However as growing age reminded me of health risks of unhealthy cooking I turned to Air fryer to replace traditional cooking practices with simple and healthier eating options.

Air fryer is a godsend for traditional Indian and western home cooks. Air fryer reduces the risk of spilling hot oil as it cooks food with a dash of oil. It takes away the pain of rubbing greasy kadai after deep frying foods. Air Fryer is even smaller than a bulky Microwave or OTG and can make food by retaining foods’ nutritional value in less cooking time. You can bake, roast, grill and do all that for which you used to have multiple electrical appliances. Air Fryer is a One stop solution for a modern and healthy future.

By making good looking and scrumptious food at home, I have been able to win hearts at home and at workplace and also controlled the outside food cravings for the whole family. I hope as you read my selection of recipes you will be able to embark on a new journey towards healthy cooking.



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