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INTERPERSONAL UNDERCURRENTS Emotioins, Empathy, and Psychosomatic Factors of the Heart-Mind combine for Effective Interpersonal Relations

Author Name: Swaminathan Murali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

 The book "Interpersonal Undercurrents" lucidly explains the intriguing aspects of one's spontaneous reactions against any stimuli. Communication gaps have invariably led people to misunderstand and are the root cause of interpersonal undercurrents. This book throws light on the 'heart-mind combine role in a better understanding of interpersonal relationships. Positive Psychology is the main factor for inculcating the emotions and empathetic aspects and is vital for avoiding interpersonal undercurrents. Salient features include the concept of Empathy and Emotion, Cognition and Compassion and their role in understanding and liquidating the interpersonal undercurrents. The parts of the brain- the Cerebrum, Cerebellum and Medulla Oblongata functions in the decision-making process, neuro-motor coordination and computation and data analysis for better interpersonal reactions and understanding are elucidated. The Amygdala plays a crucial role in controlling emotions. An Amygdala hijack is usually associated with the triggering of the "flight or fight" mechanism. 
In a nutshell, this book, having lovely anecdotes, is exciting reading for better interpersonal understanding. The unlocking of these physiological factors maximizes the interpersonal relationship and enhance the 'feel-good factor in a social group, which is the ultimate need to live happily. It is indeed a psychobiotic revolution wherein a positive thought and a grateful heart causes eternal bliss and makes the day.

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Swaminathan Murali

Meet MR. SWAMINATHAN MURALI,     a doyen with a rich experience of 33 years in the Oil Field.  Being a Science talent scholar, he has done his M.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry, and M.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, BITS PILANI, an MBA with specialization in Operations Research,  Oracle Certified Data Base Manager,  Black Belt in Six Sigma and a PMP certified Professional of PMP-USA.
On joining the prestigious Maharatna E & P company, he rose to head of Material Management with a score of officers and staff under his guidance and mentorship till his superannuation.

He has a habit of scribbling a positive note daily, entitled “Wake up to Happiness”, which instigates a positive mood for the day amongst his peers and social groups. A philanthropist and an avid learner, Mr Murali is also a keen crossword solver and sudoku player.  In addition, he is a good chess player and has represented a Maharatna company in PSCB tournaments. 
  Being multi-faceted, he was assigned the role in Material Management, wherein he was instrumental in shifting from the voluminous manual system to the more convenient electronic form.
He has handled :
·       Very high-value contracts 
·       Installed a 1 MegaWatt Solar Power station to cater to the needs of energy adding to carbon credits 
·       Conducted several Business Partners Meet to create a win-win situation for an effective supply chain.
·       In the PM’s “Make In India” Policy, he played a key role in imparting the essentials of the Oil Industry to the budding Micro Medium and Small Enterprises (MSME), throwing light on the Public procurement Policy and the preferences rendered to them.
·       Had been a part of the faculty guiding and mentoring young Graduate Engineers every year into the various nuances of the daily routine.
·       Has published several papers and delivered more than 200 lectures in training, conferences, seminars and symposia, mainly on Six sigma, contract and project management, emotional intelligence, warehouse and logistics management, labour laws, arbitration aspects etc. 
·       He has constructed a state of the art modular warehouse, resulting in savings in workforce and costs.
·        He is an ardent Chess player who represented the Maharatna company in PSCB tournaments and a keen crossword and Sudoku and crossword solver.



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