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Jini and Vini: Into the Webiverse Embark on a quest for fun and learning!

Author Name: Nisheeth Adhikari | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

Embark on a digital adventure like none other with Jini and Vini as your companions. From the exciting tales of the “Digital Playground” to the sobering realities of “The Web of Deceit,” these stories illuminate the intricate blend of the “Phygital Webiverse.” The writing explores the challenges and triumphs of the digital age, offering valuable insights through relatable narratives and specific guidance.

But this journey is more than just stories; it’s a roadmap to navigate the digital landscape wisely and safely. Learn the art of responsible internet use, discover the secrets of protecting your digital assets, and embrace the power of balance in the online world. Through distilled awareness and guidance, you’ll gain the confidence to explore the “Webiverse” with purpose and security.

So, if you like exploring the online universe, join us in this exciting journey of the digital frontier, where stories come to life and wisdom guides your path. It’s time to embark on a new adventure, one that blends the wonders of technology with the everlasting values of humanity.

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Nisheeth Adhikari

Nisheeth Adhikari is a seasoned solutions-driven information technology professional with a deep interest in cybersecurity. He believes that enhancing day-to-day security in today’s “Phygital” landscape requires a firm foundation of prudent behavioral practices reinforced by technology and complementary security measures following a defense-in-depth approach.

Recognizing the relentless pace of digitalization and technology’s pervasive role in our lives, Nisheeth advocates for early intervention to foster awareness and digital literacy. He considers these elements essential for safe and purposeful navigation within the parallel digital universe he calls the “Webiverse.”

This book intends to cater to a diverse readership seeking to promote general awareness of internet safety and responsible use, all while harnessing the advantages of the dynamic digital ecosystem.