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Journey Beyond Love reinstating the…executive

by Ashish Chand

Format: Paperback

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‘It is necessary to know about functionality of your physiological and psychological body parts in order to have any wholesome understanding about your life.’ Does this statement have any meaning for you?

If being wholesome is being holy then what is the Journey to it?

In all the cultures of the world but Hinduism, there is no concept of rebirth. Only an Indian has to work for stopping his cycle of rebirths.
Does liberation comes to all people but Indians automatically?
Is it so that what is almost impossible to achieve for an Indian, is most certainty, available to all non-Indians?

What is the life beyond love?

Ashish Chand, being a designer and a projects professional, has worked with a large number of executives. His work has carried him all over the globe. His contacts with all these executives were half professional and half personal. Slowly and steadily Ashish realized that today’s professional is highly qualified but there exists a misnomer in his life - He is far from being satisfied. And this misnomer, this personal problem of the new generation executive is a global phenomenon.

Ashish heard the internal cries of one and many… and the society as a whole cannot be stable if its professionals are not satisfied…

To Ashish, the solution to this surmounting problem existed in Hindu Ad’dhyaatm. Once the executive was instated… the society was bound to reap the fruits…This drove Ashish to compile the introduction to basics of Ad’dhyaatm.



Journey Beyond Love





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