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Leo’s Focus Towards a Better Life This Book May Be Worth Its Weight In Gold

Author Name: Suresh Thakrar | Format: Paperback | Genre : BODY, MIND & SPIRIT | Other Details

By reading a book about imaginary Leo and his parent/s and implementing a number of measures, procedures, and actions that you approve, you or your child’s life can have a chance to improve by up to a 100% or more – almost doubling your current standard of living – would you seriously read that book? “Leo’s Focus Towards a Better Life” is that book.

Better than expected some very desired aspects of happy life are possible when some texts are considered and adopted to one’s own needs and circumstances. Correct efforts can potentially lead to filling one's own and family members’ good life cup's desires with many needs like good bank balance, spacious living accommodation, good car and other needs. Why not potentially conquer good health, whiter healthier teeth, less possibility of separation or divorce if living with a partner and better educated, more mature, happier children over time as the person/people may well have own children. One can continue all the good that the individual/family are doing and adopting some extra good points that are appropriate, adding good efforts that can help to win the good happy life cup scenarios with increased frequency.

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Suresh Thakrar

Suresh is Bachelor of Engineering Metallurgy Baroda educated who worked as a Metallurgist and reduced ten tons’ castings defects by some 2000%, in his first real job in United Kingdom. He subsequently became a Financial Adviser and has continued to treat life and people with respect. Over the years, he has learnt so much from the world, it is not a surprise that he has come up with “Leo’s Focus Towards a Better Life” book. This book may help so many people and many children potentially improve their standard of living by up to and beyond 100%. These are all kind of serious matters when many can get a chance to improve their lives substantially after reading this book and themselves changing ways they live and manage their lives.