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Author Name: Dr. Sr. Mary Johnsy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

This book is the outcome of a long felt deep desire. Effort has been pumped into it to adhere to the veracity of incidents and events chronicled.

           Like any library, our library is of all ages.  It continues to be a haven of humanity that is anchored in truth. To any ardent seeker it gives the feeling of emerging from winter into spring. It connects one with his/her own direct intuitive experiences and weaves a connection with the lost stands of life.

           The intention of this book is to give reader a richer understanding of human nature that is shaped by tradition and collective memory. I’ve witnessed ardent readers entering into a form of dialogue with some sort of power resting between the covers of books. I believe that gratitude towards the seemingly in animate library would keep humans in a state of grace. The pattern of relationship one established with the library will definitely exert its influence in shaping careers and destiny.

           Our library is like a way side shrine to a weary traveller giving respite, comfort and direction. What is recorded in this book is a means to communicate with the library patrons and kindle their desire to focus beyond the chimera of the fleeting world.

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Dr. Sr. Mary Johnsy

I wish and pray that the legend of this Library unravels the secrets and the meaning of the universe to seekers and readers. The attempt made by the author to chronicle the milestones crossed by the Library is phenomenal. Even if one happens to skim read, the pages will offer deep insights with a distinctive beauty.

           Let the library wing her way to extra ordinary attainments along with her two Little offsprings-  ‘The Thinnai Library’ and the ‘Little Free Library’. They are the living pages in the book of Holy Cross College charged with immense possibilities! Let the eloquent silence of these store houses of knowledge give birth to dancing stars!.

           I wish this book great success!



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