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Milletopedia Millets for Millions!

Author Name: Nandini Murthy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

This book comprehensively deals with millet-based recipes and their methods made easy for usage of millets in to our daily diet to get a balanced and healthy diet. We are sure that this publication will be a useful document for all the households and food entrepreneurs as it includes traditional and non- traditional food items that can replace regular rice and wheat recipes. Particularly in urban areas where there is considerable demand for nutrient rich and ready-to-cook foods, this publication will be valuable.

Millet grains were an important staple food in many ancient cultures due to their resilience in diverse climates and their nutritional values. In the context of Mahabharata, an ancient Indian epic, millet is mentioned in various versus and passages. So millet’s association with Mahabharata provides insights into ancient Indian agriculture, diet and cultural practices.

Let all of us go back to roots and consider millet as Superfood and avail all health benefits and combat micronutrient malnutrition.

As the saying goes “Annadhato Sukhinobhavanthu” reminds us of the positive impact of farmers on our lives and at global level creates better remuneration to the farmers, protection of resources (soil and water).

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Nandini Murthy

Mrs. Nandini Murthy is a leading consultant Nutritionist with a long-standing career in VLCC in Hospitals and Clinics in Bangalore and Mysore. She was into teaching, and some of her nutrition-related articles have been published in leading newspapers.

With an experience of more than 35years, she realized that many patients with diabetes from all walks of life including the highly educated are not entirely aware of diabetes. She has been spreading awareness by delivering talks on obesity and wellness. She offers therapeutic counselling for patients such as corporate professionals and school children. She worked as a Patient educator in her earlier stint.

Mrs. Murthy is certified and trained in Acupressure, Acutouch, Magnetic therapy, Auricular therapy, Mudras, Meditation and Yoga. Nandini Murthy did her post-graduation in Foods and Nutrition 1989. For five decades she is deeply embedded in Mysuru. Apart from The Health Mantras of Diabetes she has also authored two Kannada books.

Nandini Murthy is also Yoga enthusiast who won lot of awards and has a passion for Health and Wellness; she became well known through her active presence on social media platforms. Her YouTube views currently crossed over 1.3million!!



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