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Mountains Bleed Red Velvet: A Fiction

Author Name: Vishwajeet Upadhye | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

In the second century BC in the Indian Empire, the revolts and revolutions for the republic stood up because of the influence of the Roman Empire.

As life was held normal because of the peaceful regime of the king in India, in the region of Gandhar, there seemed dictatorial treatment and worsening life of the citizens. It was devastating though not affecting any of the empires.

But in all these events stood a man from India. He trained himself in shastras and the knowledge of natural philosophy.

In the discovery of ancient texts and the hidden secrets within the ancient texts, he creates the deadliest weapon of mass destruction, knowing and digesting its horrors.

The weapon that was thought was a myth-The Agni Astra!

This is the story of that man. The man that stood up and got beaten up by the system. It is the story of how the central problems diverted the politics. It is the story of friendship. It is the story of remorse... and it is the story of an interesting mind.

A mind that was shining like the sun and yet that sheltered within the black clouds of flames.

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Vishwajeet Upadhye

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