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Author Name: Ruma Chakravarty | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details
This book is intended for students who would like to understand the essentials of Music Therapy with the framework of Indian music structure. At the same time the book tries to give a direction to them for digging dipper into the subject and research more on Music Therapy. For convenience of reading, the book is divided in three sections covering the essentials required for a professional music therapist, the origin of Indian music Therapy practices and basics of designing music therapy.This book attempts ‘linking the sources to the practice of music therapy’. Many musicology researches are being done (and already done) on ancient texts; also healing aspects of Indian music is written about by scholars. Here in this book the author's intention is to string together many elements and techniques of India's age old traditional music into a single thread and see if that makes a complete therapeutic model; and then try relating those to today’s music therapy practices with Indian music.
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Ruma Chakravarty

Ruma Chakravarty is a trained & certified Indian Classical Musician and a certified & practicing music therapist. She is a John Mattone certified leadership and executive coach (practicing) and a Richard Bandler certified licensed NLP practitioner. She holds a Master's Degree in Biophysics. Ruma is the Founder of Factorize and SurManjari. Factorize is a company dedicated to Reflective Leadership Coaching & Training. SurManjari, the social welfare segment of Factorize is a Music Education and Music Therapy and Research Foundation. Ruma has spearheaded the design and development of various Applied Music & Rhythm Therapy Courses to widen the prospect of Music Therapy with Indian Music. She predominantly works with corporate houses, with children having special needs, with normal kids to enhance their non-musical & musical goals, with senior people living a different life and with others. SurManjari has also developed India’s first Music Therapy Course ‘SurMantra’ for children with cultural blend to help them transform musically. She is a passionate speaker and a trainer.


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