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Naimisha - God's Own Story - The Middle Game Moves & Counter Moves

Author Name: Sesha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details


Animish, the disciple teetering between scepticism and awe around Krishna’s divinity, inherits his Master’s mantle as the latter proceeds to Badari to pursue his self-realisation goals. Asareer's belief solidifies, and divine anecdotes about Krishna continue to enthral him. While the chasm between the viewpoints of both friends keeps widening, Krishna attains a God-like stature and comes to be feared by his opponents and revered by his devotees and sages alike.

Meanwhile, rivalries explode between cousins. Kauravas, led by the determined Duryodhana, manipulate the king to their advantage while Pandavas fight for survival. Draupadi's entrance, forging a solid alliance between Pandavas and the powerful Panchala kingdom, adds a new twist to the story.

And, through it all, the enigmatic Krishna emerges as the central figure, unfolding his own fascinating tryst with destiny.

The game of one-up-manship between Kauavas and Pandavas, which resembled the opening stage of a chess game to Animish during the graduation ceremony of princes, moves into the next stage, the middle game.

Kauravas and Pandavas were entangled in a prolonged fight over the chessboard of fate, with advantage shifting back and forth like in a bitter middle game of chess that does not produce a clear winner.

Find inside the dramatic events of Krishna’s battles with Jarasandha, the setting up of the Dwaraka kingdom, Draupadi’s Swayamvara and her unconventional polyandrous marriage, the rise and fall of Indraprastha Empire, multiple marriages and battles of Krishna, the fortune-turning dice game where a wife was put on stake, and a host of other exciting events.

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Sesha’s captivating narrative, “Naimisha - God’s Own Story – The Beginning,” made its entry into the market in February 2023 under the genre Mythological (Historical Fiction), wherein the author had interwoven the stories of Srimadbhagavata and Mahabharata with a unique fictional narrative. The author explained in detail in the first book the idea and the background for writing this story, which now spreads over three books - and forms a series. This book is the second in the “Naimisha” series, and the author is expected to follow up with the third and final book to complete the story.

The author is a former banking executive. He and his wife reside in Hyderabad, indulging in literary pursuits, travelling and cherishing shared moments with their beloved grandchildren Shrinika, Rishika, Rohit, and Samyukta, who are the author’s most ardent fans who do not need to read the book beyond looking at the cover page.



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