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Noah's Ark : is the vessel mentioned in the Genesis flood story

Author Name: Golu Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

A Great Flood that flooded the earth is mentioned in practically every ancient nation's documented history. The tale of how God decided to wipe out the world He had created with an all-encompassing downpour of rain is told in the Hebrew nation's Biblical history. He gave Noah, a man of God, the order to construct a massive ark that would protect Noah, his family, and some of the remaining animal species from death and annihilation. The epic tale of Noah and the ark serves as a cautionary tale for anybody who would disobey God and His holy instructions. This book tells the full tale of Noah, the ark, and how God's kindness spared humanity from extinction. The duration, scope, and purpose of the Exodus tale of Noah and the ark are investigated in considerable detail. Also, a pattern and shadow of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is Noah's ark. The typology of the ark is revealed, along with its significance for modern Christians. The length of the great flood and the order of extraordinary occurrences are given after the Holy Records. Every Christian will find this book to be highly interesting, and it is also the perfect choice for a small- or large-group biblical study.

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