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Not so Long Ago, Not so Far Away

Author Name: Ratna Pande | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

A heartwarming collection of short stories from towns within India, possibly from a place near yours and about someone familiar....

The sisters in Benares, whose fate led them to different cities, one to mercurial heights of stardom and the other to the depths of misfortune. Now, thirteen years later, they are back in the same city where they started; will the ghats change the course of their lives?

Sethji had been an astute and successful diamond merchant, and his grandson’s passion for “paper money” or stocks was wiping the family fortunes. Ironically, he learnt the most valuable lesson of his life from the old, toothless, homeless, flower seller. Too late or just in time?

Where was the property, which the whole family was searching for, hidden? Who was the mysterious old man that Raghu had seen from the train? Will Anirban get away with murder? Why was Priyanka dreaming of her dead daughter’s blue stilettos? Will the women in Kumaon save the trees by “hugging them?” Would the ghosts who lived in the library let the young couple in love live happily ever after? Find the answers to these and many more….

These fourteen delightful tales may end with a twist, but they bring with them the powerful lessons of Hope!

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Ratna Pande

Ratna Pande

Hailing from the beautiful hill state of Uttarakhand, and having lived in Bengal, Delhi and Hyderabad, Ratna Pande counts herself as fortunate to have met a varied cross-section of people, to hear their stories and mix them with her own brand of creativity and magic with a twist!

She grew up in a steel township in Bengal where her father was a scientist in a research laboratory and her mother a Hindi teacher.

The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the town, her school St. Xavier’s encouragement to pursue reading and creative writing and her family’s fondness for books added to her own keen sense of observation and vivid imagination brought together all the ingredients for a “literary cocktail.”

Her corporate life of three decades working with Fortune 500 companies also provided a unique opportunity to experience cross-cultural insights, travel extensively and to continue to build on her “story bank of people and places!”

She lives in Gurgaon with her husband Santosh, and her daughters have possibly heard more stories than lullabies.

Now she and her granddaughter Lila spin many-a-tale.

Always an enthralling storyteller, Ratna finally decided to revisit her passion for writing and has penned down a series of short stories building on the ordeals and anecdotes that were swimming around inside her head.

This is the first collection of her short stories, and these stories are dedicated to the indomitable spirit of faith and the belief that situations are created in the world to connect one to another.

How and when they do and will is left to the unknown!



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