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Peeku's Menarche

Author Name: Dr.Revathy.L | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction | Other Details

This book is for all the cute adolescent girls, who are always riddled with so many innocent, yet relevant questions.
Peeku, a little girl has so many doubts about growing up, menstruation, bodily changes, and mental changes. So, Peeku and her mother discuss her doubts. Overall, this book contains a healthy conversation between a mom and her daughter. This book emphasizes that menstruation and puberty changes are not only about physical health but also about the mental wellbeing of the children. Pointers for menstrual cycle tracking, puberty changes - both physical and mental, tips for period self-care along with information about healthy living through Ayurveda are included. This book wishes to be a guide to all adolescent children and their parents to help them normalize discussing puberty. 

Happy and healthy menstruation for all!

Let’s enjoy this beautiful phase of life!

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Dr.Revathy.L is the founder of Tatsat Ayurveda based in Bangalore. Being an Ayurvedic doctor, she is passionate about learning and disseminating information about women’s and children’s health. She is interested in menstrual health and hygiene-related topics for women and adolescent girls. She thinks that every child should be knowing about their own body and that topics like menstruation should be discussed at home. She believes, it is necessary for children to know that menstruation is a powerful bodily process that is natural and that there is absolutely nothing shameful about it. In ‘Peeku’s Menarche,’ her first book, she reflects on how young girls can be educated about menstruation in a simple yet proper way, by breaking the conventional taboos associated with it. Through this book, the author also wants to highlight the importance of the mental and physical wellbeing of adolescent children and the pivotal role that Ayurveda and healthy practices can play to ensure the same.



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