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Author Name: Sanwar Mal Mishra | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Let us know what happens if we don’t stop feeding toxins to our body through various channels e.g. body lotions, make-up and beautification cosmetics, living in polluted environment and so on. Know the cost of looking attractive or adding skin-glow at the loss of health. Most beauty aids like creams and serums, nail polish, lipstick, even toothpaste do not let you go unpunished.

Toxins damage enzymes and thus undermine countless bodily functions—inhibiting the production of haemoglobin in the blood, or lowering the body's capacity to prevent the free-radical damage that accelerates aging. Toxins displace structural minerals, resulting in weaker bones.

After ingestion of some toxicants, emesis may occur if the stomach is empty, but if partly filled, the toxicant is retained and toxics sis can occur. Environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure, affect rates of consumption and even the occurrence of some toxic agents.

In the present context when corona virus is active around the world, Agnihotra offers a befitting solution to effectively fight and eliminate the ill effects to the human population. Power of Agnihotra can be realized once it is practiced. This title provides the details of this technique.

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Sanwar Mal Mishra

Mr. Sanwar Mishra is a published author on spiritual, management, health, solar and many more. 

His book “Beyond Vision” was published in 2004 by Minerva Press- London, New Delhi, Mumbai. ISBN:81 7662 305 0. His earlier title “Technology of Life” was published by Authorhouse, USA. ISBN: 978-1-4520-83117 in 2010 and proved to be a more popular book abroad. His book “Stories and verses” was published in 2012. His recent book “Science of Spirituality” was published by Prakrit Bharati Academy in 2016. ISBN: 978 93 81571 69 9

Paper published on 24 January, 2018 on ATTITUDE- A Driving Force of Human Relations in International Journal of Research in Management.

Articles published in Productivity Journal of India, in Business Manager and so on.

Mr. Mishra is academically qualified with degrees in engineering from USA and India. He has worked with foreign governments of Iran, Libya, Zambia and Oman and as a Consultant to UNIDO.