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The Art of Fusion Innovative Recipes with a Blend of Culture and Taste

Author Name: Chef Roy Varghese | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Cooking, Food & Wine | Other Details

There are no boundaries for chefs to innovate or to be creative. The Art of Fusion is for the people who are obsessed with social and cultural food media that feature voguish cooking. 

As a chef and a nutritionist, I have created this healthy fusion by bringing fresh and handpicked ingredients from different parts of the world to blend in with classical or regional cooking methods. These ingredients are easily available. A chef can relentlessly choose them and bring them to the plate. 

Considering the world’s interest in contemporary fusion food, I have conscientiously analyzed ingredients to bring a very unique blend to appeal to individual tastes with eye-catching presentations.

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Chef Roy Varghese

For the past 24 years, Chef Roy has been cooking up creative and delicious dishes in renowned establishments. Born in India and passionate about creativity and innovations, he decided to become a chef.  Over the past years, Chef Roy has been refining his craft in various culinary arts, extending his skills in fine dining, luxury cruises and 5-star lines. He often says that cooking is not only a job but more importantly an art of living and conviviality.

For Chef Roy, culinary is a happy marriage of culture and innovations. Masterful completion of culinary refinement and regional traditions make Chef Roy’s fusion dishes truly outstanding. His first book Chefs could slim the World also garnered remarkable attention with its healthy living concepts. His journey to culinary excellence started in 1996. He developed his talents with worldwide exposure to food trends and concepts. He is also well trained in food safety stipulations and conventions. 

His magical creations always challenge the senses and please the eyes and palate. He emphasizes on plate presentations, creating complete culinary excellence. Chef Roy maintains the intrinsic essence of ingredients, and he offers intense and clean flavors in various dishes that are refreshingly lighter and healthy.

The Art of Fusion is an outstanding composition of global delicacies. Chef Roy has exclusively come up with crazy ideas to blend the ingredients in different dishes. His creativity is well explained in the dishes, and it never meddles with traditional culture.