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The Conspiracy Against Africa

Author Name: Charles Akujieze | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

The Conspiracy Against Africa, unveils a resonating truth that echoes across borders. With insightful precision, the book navigates the intricate reasons behind Africa's ongoing economic challenges and subjugation.

Tracing the pages of history, the narrative illuminates the complex interplay between the West and Africa. Here, Africa's path to prosperity is shackled by the West's unquenchable appetite for its resources. This chokehold on Africa's raw materials keeps the global equilibrium, but at what expense?

Unraveling layers of inefficiency, ethical cracks, and integrity gaps, the book dissects Africa's relationship with the Western world. It exposes vested interests that hold back progress with unyielding tenacity.

Yet, within this stark analysis, a call to arms resounds—a rallying cry brimming with urgency and optimism, inviting every African to reclaim their essence and dreams. This stands as a pivotal turning point, urging Africans to cast aside shadows that bind them, seizing the reins of fate, and forging a destiny that defies exploitation.

"The Conspiracy Against Africa" is more than a book; it's an awakening—an assertion of empowerment amidst suppression. It lays bare truths long obscured, inviting you on this narrative journey to reclaim Africa's story and usher in an era of empowerment, justice, and self-determination.

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Charles Akujieze

Charles Nnaemeka Akujieze is an erstwhile lecturer in Policy and Administrative studies. He had his higher education at the University of Calabar Nigeria and the University of Ibadan Nigeria. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc. Hons). He is currently the Director of Urukanachukwu Heritage Worldwide. He is married to Juliet and the marriage is blessed with four children.