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The Espionage Games 1980-2022: Tales of the Treacherous, Selfish, and Inhuman Games Played by the Top Intelligence Agencies Across the Globe

Author Name: Sigma Tramps | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

The story based on the real events depicts 40 years of quagmire of corrupt, treacherous, uncouth world created by the world’s top “Intelligence Agencies”, who have been waging war across the globe, to achieve their selfish motives and satisfy their ego. 

The saga starts with the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in 1980 and ends with the demoralized exit of the US from Afghanistan in 2021. The gripping tale moves swiftly from the deadly mountains of Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan to the dirty crowded lanes of Peshawar to the swanky streets of Paris to Washington DC. From Baghdad to Buenos Aires, and from Damascus to Dubai to Mumbai. 

Pakistan’s ISI covertly creates a plethora of global terrorist groups- jihadi fanatics with the monetary and military support from the CIA, Saudi Royalty, and the MI6. After 9/11 CIA transforms into a global clandestine slaughter machine, deploying killer drones, special operations troops, trained assassins, and proxy armies, blurring the lines between soldiers and spies & lowers the bar for waging war across the globe.

Post 2000 China becomes a dreadful global force… economically, militarily, and with innovative espionage techniques, challenging the might of the US. The divided world now stares at an inevitable catastrophic showdown.

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Sigma Tramps

The author has lived and worked in many countries across the globe. He has experienced the local flavour of life in every country that he has lived in, making him knowledgeable about the languages, customs, traditions, belief systems, foods of the local people. A person of gregarious and outgoing nature, he has had extensive interaction with people from various strata of the society in the countries he has lived during the last 30 years. This has enabled him to make the scenario come alive on paper. The author has a Master’s degree in Engineering from England and also an MBA from a renowned university. The author currently lives in California, USA.



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