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The Healing of 7 Chakras For A Balanced Life A Guide to the Impact of the Chakras in our Life

Author Name: Pritma Jashnani | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

The energy centers or chakras in our bodies greatly impact our lives. There are 114 chakras out of which 7 are the most prominent ones. These chakras have different colors and are located in different regions of our bodies. If the chakras are balanced, we can live a happy and focused life. The moment any chakra is misbalanced, it can greatly impact our physical, mental, and psychological health. This book shows various ways of balancing each chakra with the help of Yoga poses and meditations or affirmations

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Pritma Jashnani

Pritma Jashnani is the head of Centre of Computer Technology, Luck now, who has taught several students so far in her career of 25 years. 

She has taught more than 3000 students who are now successfully placed in top companies. She has a unique style of teaching. She believes in quality education rather than increasing quantity of students.

She has been teaching courses like 

Java, Website Designing, Data Structures, Python, Android and a lot more to B.Tech, MCA and BCA students.

13 years back, she started writing books for her students so that they do not find any difficulty in the topics they are taught.

She took a lot of time doing research and picking questions from the exam papers of various schools and compiling them into set of two both for class 10th and 12th.

Study Material and Exercise book.

She has also written books on ASP.NET, PHP, PYTHON, Core Java, C#, Advanced Java, Oracle, etc.

This is her second book on non-fiction series based on healing of 7 chakras for healthy living.



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