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The Issues That Made News

Author Name: S V Upendra Charya | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

He is from an obscure village near Bangalore. He has been roaming the streets of the city since his childhood. He is inseparable from his pet cow and drum on which depends his livelihood. If he and his family get a square meal, that is a lucky day for him.

The Times of India, Bangalore September 14, 1988

They are the ‘Children of Bamboo’ – the Soligas, the tribal community of B R Hills.

They are an integral part of this forest region, for centuries they have been dwelling in small caves of the B R hills, surviving on bamboo, fruits, roots, rats and also rabbits!

Indian Express Bangalore June 21, 1993

Light in wilderness: But for the good hearted people of these remote hamlets, a busload of people would have been swept away by floods. And but for official apathy, the deluge would never have visited this village, discovers S V UPENDRA CHARYA

Deccan Herald July 16, 1999

Shaping a crude piece of stone into a precious piece of Jewelry involves hours of grueling work. The artisans of Channapatna, who have been doing this work for generations, find themselves in a difficult situation today, as raw material is scarce and the market is uncertain, writes S V UPENDRA CHARYA


Deccan Herald November 22, 1996


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S V Upendra Charya M.A., LL.B

As a freelance contributor to the print media, S V Upendra Charya has been writing for news dailies and periodicals since years and many of his contributions made news

because he wrote fearlessly to express his views on all that can be said for those helpless and voiceless poor who are the victims of social injustice, exploitation and


“Leftist, rightist, socialist. No I am none of this. Neither I worked for any news journal.

I simply travelled all over and wrote about people in need. I am happy I could do this from times when we had to depend mainly on newspapers for any news, good or bad.” Says the author of this compilation book comprising of his published articles. As a freelancer, Upendra Charya had written all these articles for a worthy cause – ‘to give voice to the voiceless.’


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