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The Sun That Never Sets An Inspirational Journey of a Young Karma Yogi

Author Name: Sudhir | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

In this intricate weave of modern existence, success eludes, and suffering confounds. We often find ourselves entangled in the complexity of life’s challenges.

Amid this tumult, turning to a real-life tale as a guiding light proves pragmatic. His actions resonate with an age-old concept—Karma. Through this lens, his journey becomes a profound philosophy, achieving noble success and graceful resilience in the face of suffering. What sets him apart isn’t just fate, but an extraordinary response to life’s demands. Battling a life-threatening disorder, he shouldered responsibilities without expecting reward and endeavored to give back to society until the very end.

As we stand at life’s crossroads, let’s seek the mantra for success and relief from suffering. This story is a testament, an inspiration to face challenges with courage and a selfless heart, urging us to persevere as our days wane.

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Sudhir, holding a senior management post in a Central Government Undertaking and an Engineering Graduate from IIT Kanpur, has worked in various Indian cities, including Kolkata, Jabalpur, Mumbai, and Guwahati. His career choices were influenced by his elder son’s diagnosis with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) at a young age, leading to physical disability and reliance on a wheelchair.

With a scientific background and a growing interest in spirituality, Sudhir has drawn parallels between the concept of karma in spiritual texts and his son’s unwavering determination. The author provides a unique glimpse into the world of a rare genetic disorder, capturing a spectrum of emotions, from sorrow to happiness.

This book is dedicated to those seeking knowledge, comfort, and strength during challenging times.



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