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The Unfathomable World of Amazing Numbers

by Wallace Jacob

Format: Paperback

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This to me contains many interesting facts related to numbers, Magic Squares, Pythagorean triplets, relationship between Pythagorean triplets and Fibonacci numbers, e (frequently used in Mathematics), Tower of Hanoi, leap years, etc. which the reader will find useful. It will be very useful to anyone who pursues Mathematics and/or Computer Programming as a hobby. It will also be helpful to aspirants who are preparing for competitive exams wherein questions related to logic are being set.

Wallace Jacob is presently working as a Sr. Asst. Prof. at Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri, Pune, where he teaches Principles of Management and Project Management. He has been working on numbers since 1990 as a result of which this tome has come forth. He has also authored a few stories and articles which have been featured in leading magazines like Women's era and Alive. He solicits constructive criticism of this book of his and can be reached at wallace_jacob@yahoo.co.in.



The Unfathomable World of Amazing Numbers





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