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Vivacious Encounters

by V R Murali

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

The thirty-two mutually exclusive chapters deal with various incidents in Munna’s life journey, or narrated to him at various points of time, – the underlying humour being the common thread binding them tightly. Vivacious is synonymous with lively, exciting, charming, spirited, care-free, enthusiastic, vibrant, etc., but the author prefers to go with light-hearted, which is the perfect description of the book. The life time experience gained domestically and overseas as well as the travel experience gained covering the distance from Far East to Edinburgh in the West will help any first time traveler to adapt better in new environments. The satirical take on many day-to-day incidents generously sprinkled on the articles will surely keep the readers in splits.

V R Murali, a banker by profession, served in an International Indian Bank for over thirty-seven years in various capacities and lived in Dubai for most of his life. Now settled in Chennai, his home town, he has regained his passion for writing. Communicating in his unique humorous style has always been his forte. He was a regular writer for in-house magazines and was in the editorial team of his college magazine as well as in his bank’s house journal. With such rich years of experience behind him, he has penned a few memorable incidents to share with his readers- to tickle their funny bones, and brought them out in the form of a book. His maiden venture into fiction was Vivacious Encounters. Its successful publication motivated him to continue the journey by pursuing his passion. The result is Sparkling Encounters within a short span of time. Despite a modest beginning, he has built his own empire and strongly believes in a happy–go-lucky life style without compromising on the basic principles of altruism and simplicity.


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