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Why You Can’t Pay Attention How to Improve Productivity

Author Name: Aviral Pathak | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Is your mind wandering to countless thoughts when you’re bored? Do you feel as if you can’t aim your undivided attention toward a single task? Well, you’re not alone.

The Internet has brought many benefits, such as accessibility to every piece of information on the planet.

However, we’re using it the wrong way.

Instead of learning, creating, and sharing, we’re consuming, distracting, and chasing highs.

As a result, we can’t seem to focus. Moreover, aiming your undivided attention toward creating and not consuming- is scarce.

Because of that, your mind wanders from one thought to another without you ceasing it and starting to work.

The truth is, to become more productive, you must minimize the amount of time you’re distracted.

This story will examine common distractions and why they keep you from reaching your potential. If you want to become more productive, this story is for you.

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Aviral Pathak

Aviral pathak is young age Entrepreneur. Due to lack of friendship in his childhood he spend his maximum time in reading books and he self mentor himself into making a small startup at the age of 15 but due to some events he was fail in it but he comes up with more knowledge and confidence now wants to open his own company as big as Tata's.with this enthusiasm and bounce back attitude. Here we can learn many things from this young age boy