With you..Forever

by Suvika


Type : Paperback

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Print Edition India


Summary of the Book

“No. I am neither curious nor do I care. And since it’s a business deal we just signed, I won’t say thank you. I will check with my bank tomorrow evening.”

Being an illegitimate daughter, Nidhi has faced enough things in her life since her childhood which included being called a bastard in front of the whole class. So entering into some kind of contract marriage is the least of her worries..especially if it means getting the money for her mother’s treatment.

“Do you love me? I am ready to fight the world for you. But you need to tell me what’s in your heart. Do you love me?”

But she hadn’t counted on meeting Abhay Shrivastav..or falling in love with him. And it was not just the contract that was holding her back. Her past has the ability to destroy her future and the present, such as it was. The temptation to hide the shameful secret of her life gnaws her insides. But truth has a way of showing itself one way or the other.

About the Author

Suvika did her MBA and has worked in a software firm until about an year ago. Married to a tall, handsome hero of her own, she spends most of her time trying to keep up with their two boisterous boys. And every minute of her free time is spent in indulging her recently discovered passion for writing. She makes her characters, especially the female ones, strong and passionate.

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