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Womenocracy The Recipe to A Warless and Sustainable World

Author Name: A. Senthivel | Format: Paperback | Genre : History & Politics | Other Details

"This book may be treated as a clarion call for women to participate in the political governance of the world in a massive way. Unless women choose to intervene in governance, a peaceful, warless world will remain a pipe dream. 

The author claims that women and men are fifty/fifty by population count. But when it comes to governance, men are preponderant. On a lighter vein, he charges women with dereliction of duty! Without the intervention of women in governance, the author claims, it is impossible to maintain a peaceful world. War is a vestige, like an appendix in the body that has to be surgically removed and women are the surgeons, he claims. 

In pre-historical times, might was right. But, today, the most extraordinary thing has been achieved by mankind – that of institutionalizing political power. Power today stands institutionalized as against might being right!  Gender-neutral offices have been created! When we say `Office of the President of America’ it simply means a position without any reference to gender specification. A woman can occupy the position with the same ease with which men can. Hence, now is the right time for women to participate in governance in a major way."

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A. Senthivel

A.Senthivel {Senthi} was born and raised in a small town in Tamil Nadu, the southern part of India. Although he did his masters in English Literature, his interest always lay in studying the realities of life. His core interest was to understand the whole of life as a system, inspired by Dr. Edward de Bono.

He is the co-founder of Frontier Holidays Pvt Ltd, one of the reputed travel companies in Bangalore. As his wife took over the responsibilities, he moved to pursue his passion for writing about the psychological realities of human beings. His own life served as his laboratory. This book features, among other things, an interesting conversation between a father and daughter that takes place one thousand years from now! 

The author has conducted Transformation workshops for individuals as well as corporate companies. He recently released a novella, `A Parrot Speaks to a Business Tycoon’. He has also co-authored a book, `Life is Fundamentally Management’ along with Govind Babu. Being true to the content of that book, he has taken a break and is now involved in exploring the ninth law of the book, `You are a spirit having a human experience and not a human being having a spiritual experience.’ The website is E-mail or