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Zayd's Rules: Investing in the Stock Market. This book will make you a Billionaire in 30-years.

Author Name: Zayd Haji | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

How will this book help you?

Investing capital is like an art; for this reason, one has to learn to close to perfection to adopt consistent and preferred results. 

The challenge of solving how to invest in stocks is pretty daunting. Why? Because our future financial literacy lacks. Hence identifying how to invest in stocks will become a challenge. So when investing funds, one faces challenges, and matters are at a deficit. I am trying to clarify trouble or fear with my book Zayd's Rules: Investing in the Stock Market. However, chapters in this book may be overwhelming as you read further, but if you read with complete focus, you will understand it.


How will I assist? By simplifying the complexities of investing. I will explain funding in the easy colloquial language (no jargon).

This book may be an excellent manual for novices.

In Stock Market, Investing your capital in a 'proper manner' is a necessity; it isn't always a choice. Why? Because our financial well being is depending on the achievement of our stock investments.

This book will help you know how to invest capital in the stock market? Buying a few shares and mutual funds right from here and there in the name of investment will now no longer work. What is essential is subsequent:

Create a sturdy fundamental analysis for investment.
Practice rules in the book to construct a sturdy equity portfolio.

Have a happy investing!

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Zayd Haji

Zaid Haji (born on EID-Al-Fitr, February 1, 1998) is an author and writer known for his finance and market blogs. 

Zayd Haji – A businessperson whose passion got to found Al Zayd Corp. Al Zayd Corp is a group of companies that have successfully owned blogging and financial activities. In addition, Al Zayd Corp has successfully projected services into various ventures—Visual Capitalist and Visual Publicist. 

Zayd Haji has 3-years of experience in financial analysis and financial content writing. A graduate of Pune University, he has a Bachelor of Business Administration Finance. In addition, he is pursuing a Master's in Banking and Financial Management from NMIMS University. Zayd Haji has worked with firms in the most miniature stages of their development, from start-up to maturity. 

Zayd Haji's infographics provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the market, companies, demographics, and special attention to segments and buying patterns. In addition, the databases and sources used in his financial analysis are beyond Google, ensuring detailed reports and concise. 

Solutions offered; Equity Research graphics considering Market Analysis, Financial Investment visuals, and graphic designs. If you're wise to create visuals by researching the financial market or competitive social media graphics for building business, we are happy to guide you with your venture.

"A book is the only place that makes your imagination grow spacious. Reading will help one relieve stress and gain knowledge."—Zayd Haji.