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Anand Krishnan

Writer, Engineer, Author, Explorer and Public Speaker
Writer, Engineer, Author, Explorer and Public Speaker

Anand Krishna Panicker is an industrial engineer working for multinational companies. Though he wished to become a writer, life had other plans for him and he kickstarted his career as an engineer. He also follows his other passion of being a long-distance motorcycle traveller who dreams of retiring rich and young. He has travelled to different parts of the world and through this has acquired a deeper understanding of life. 




Anand was nonchalant; a happy go lucky teenager, facing the world at his own pace and not in a hurry to grow up.

The numerous naughty escapades with his friends were the only adventures he could lay claim to…


Melissa makes an entrance.

Will she be his fortunate stroke of serendipity?

Was she worth risking his heart?


Come fall under the spell of his saga of friendship, love and journey to self-disco

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A Few Thousand Kilometres of Happiness

Books by Anand Krishna Panicker

In India, there are a lot of motorcycle travellers: for some it’s a means to live, for some it’s another way to show off and for some others it’s their soul. They desire to travel the whole world on two wheels.

A Few Thousand Kilometres of Happiness is a story of two such bikers, Anand Krishnan and Varun Kumar, who embarked on a journey covering a few thousand kilometres. This book depicts their voyage, the incidents that occurred en route, conflic

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