Ayodhya Prasad

Ayodhya Prasad Gaur is a Corporate Communications professional, a theater artist, an avid traveler and motivational speaker. He started writing while pursuing a Master’s degree at JNV University and later worked for regional and national newspapers including Hindustan Times. His first book—a biographical novel about the life and time of the last queen of Marwar—has been termed as the ‘first biographical novel’ of Hindi literature.

Gaur is a founding member of the Press Club in Jodhpur, the city where he currently resides, and Rajasthan Heritage and Nature Society (RAJHANS). 



Chautha Dhandha

Books by Ayodhya Prasad

Media, often referred to as the fourth pillar of democracy, has been turned into a business—Chautha Khabha or merely Chautha Dhandha. “Dhandha” is also a slang used to refer to prostitution.

So what happens when Alisha—a sex worker from the city’s red light area tells a reporter Shailesh, “You are a bigger dhandhebaaz than us?” When the reporter decides to expose his universe, the result comes out as a compilation of stories. They bring out the murkiness not only of the media but also of the other three pillars of democracy—legislature, executive and judiciary.

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Durg Gaatha

Books by Ayodhya Prasad

In the last decades of the 17th Century, when Aurangzeb was spreading his rule of hatred, the dynasty of Marwar was facing its toughest challenge. Its ruler Jaswant Singh died while campaigning in Afghanistan, leaving no heir. This was an opportunity for Aurangzeb to impose his rule over the region. But one Rajput warrior displayed a rare combination of intelligence and reckless valor while fighting against the odds. This is the story of that soldier – this is an epic saga about Veer Durgadas.

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The Royal Blue

Books by Ayodhya Prasad

  • A princely state that decides to go against Nehru.
  • A Queen who knows that the King will marry thrice.
  • A palace witnessing betrayals and vengeances.

This is the middle of 20th Century. Indian subcontinent is witnessing the biggest bloodbath in its known history- the partition. Princely states are face to face with the questions of existence and democracy is slowly creeping in the system. A princess who born at a small royal palace in Gujarat was destined to the prince of Marwar- the mightiest state of its time. But, there were signs of warning scattered all around. As she became the Queen of Marwar, the political war attained its peak with back-stabbers sharpening their saw.

From the princely state of Dhrangdhra to the state of Jodhpur, Krishna emerges as a royal figure who was subjected to challenges at every step. Choices are limited- take the step forward or surrender. What Krishna will do in the democratic era where rivals are dotting the city of Jodhpur also known as the Blue City.

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