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Notion Press Presents A Five Course Poetry Book – Aur Kya Kehne ko Baaqi Hai

Our soul is always yearning for something more, quite often we are left feeling pangs of hunger, our souls never fully satisfied. Yet, poetry has the capacity to feed those stray tendrils of hunger that originate from our soul and make us feel quite whole.Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents Aur Kya Kehne ko Baaqi Hai by Sahil Singla. A harmonious blend of romance, wit, humor, and pain, sautéed in the richness of life and love as we experience it every day,

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Aur Kya Kehne ko Baaqi Hai

flavored with Hindi and Urdu lexicon, and served in the form of sonnets, verses, poems, couplets, ghazals.

Poetry has the power to evoke emotions within us, emotions that we sometimes keep locked up and hidden away from our daily life. This book seeks not just to feed our hungering souls but also to take us across experiences that we live everyday in our lives. Experiences and situations that we all relate to. A spectacular five course meal filled with the emotions of love, humour, pain and garnished with verses in Hindi and Urdu.

Sahil Singla is a raw, young, and an unusual arrival, in the lilting world of poetry. He is influenced by the likes of Mirza Ghalib, Sahir Ludhianvi, Faiz Ahmed Faiz, and Shailendra in his writings. The way Sahil plays with the nuances of Hindi language, all the while flirting with Urdu expressions, brings out the intangible complexity of our emotions and lets us feel them around us as we flip through the pages.

The book is available in print and e-book format at the Notion Press bookstore and several other e-commerce portals including Amazon and Flipkart.

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