The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Writer

The thrill of gazing outside your window from a writer’s desk and clanking away at your keyboard is unparalleled. The adrenaline rush you feel at the mingling of words into illustrious stories is a feeling like no other. Unfortunately, once you’ve zapped yourself away from the romanticisation of what it means to be a writer, you discover what it really means to be a writer. Here’s the good news: the ...

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Guide to Editing a Nonfiction Book

“The writer who breeds more words than he needs is making a chore for the reader who reads.” Dr Seuss   Nonfiction usually begins with an epic idea that flows unimpeded from your mind. You write pages and pages, pouring your mind and heart into a story you want to share with the world. Before you know it, you have a book that maps out your experiences into a sublime text!    But, apart ...

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Guide to Understand On-demand Book Printing

We can all agree there’s no feeling akin to holding a paperback or a hardcover book - the musky aroma of aged books, the touch of well-thumbed pages, and even the cathartic sound of flipping through pages one at a time. Lost in the land of our imagination, the experience of reading is elevated by holding a book between our palms. But, there are several steps that take place before ...

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How To: Editing your Book for Publishing

Here’s the good news - once you have your first draft in front of you, the hardest part about writing is over. The joy of completing your manuscript is truly unparalleled. But the moment you sit back and sigh in relief, you realise there is another mountain to climb in the process of writing a book - editing.   Editing is perhaps the most vital step to ensure your book is going ...

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Beginners Guide to Write and Publish a Short Story

I understand why Murakami chose to compare the writing of a short story with planting a garden. A short story reads like a breezy walk in the garden. Every word is thoughtfully chosen; every character has great significance. While writing a short story,  if you don’t pay close attention to the blooming Chrysanthemums and fragrant Jasmines, is it going to be a memorable walk? But when you have about 5000 words ...

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How To Write A Book

How to write a book It's a question that has been asked by writers and non-writers alike for years. And, while there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how to write a book, there are some basics that every author should know. So, whether you're just beginning your writing journey or you've been at it for a while and could use a refresher, this post is for you. Let's get started! Why ...

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formatting a book

The Handy Guide to Format Your Book

Completing your book is a euphoric feeling. It feels good to see months of writing and re-writing finally set into place as one complete novel. Hold your horses though, as there is still one herculean task left. Yes, we're talking about that seemingly complex task of formatting a book which is making the elements in your novel flow together in an aesthetically pleasing way, so readers can get a comfortable ...

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online dictionaries

Top 10 Online Dictionaries for Writers

If there is one thing us writers should be proud about, it’s our way with words. Writing is considered a skill that is developed naturally, especially in the flow of words that ultimately stitch a complete story together. However, there may come times when you will find yourself lost for words and unable to string that perfect sentence together; That's when some of our oldest friends - the best online ...

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Design Resources

Top Ten Design Resources for Authors

  Getting your book published is a dream in itself. The transition from a writer to an author is a magical journey which is both uplifting and inspirational. Many writers, who do not have much knowledge about publishing, conventionally opt for traditional publishing methods, where many of the well-known publishing houses are seen offering the writers a multitude of services, ranging from design resources for books to distribution techniques, and a ...

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Seven Rules of Working with an Editor

What is the most important process that needs to be done before one publishes a book? Is it finalizing the manuscript, designing the book cover or planning marketing strategies? Actually speaking, the most important process is editing a book, and at the same time, learning how to work with an editor in a cordial manner. Below are the Seven Rules of Working with an Editor which you should abide by ...

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copy editing tips

Essential Copyediting Tips

It is really hard to put into words the importance of copyediting. Besides, there are a very few writers in this world who could write an error-free draft the first time. If you're sure you're not one of those writers, you need to copyedit your rough draft. In this post, you'll learn some of the basic copyediting tips that'll allow you to proofread and correct some of the obvious errors ...

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Professional Editor

Why You Need a Professional Editor

  I still remember this incident. One of my writer-friends finished writing his first novel (a murder mystery) and was all excited about it. He told he had done everything he had to do from a writer's perspective, including proofreading and editing. He intended to self-publish his work and before submitting his final draft, he happened to share the manuscript with me to have a look. I read the book in ...

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