how to find influencers

Finding Influencers among your Target audience

Marketing to the right target audience is the most rewarding part of marketing your book. But focusing deeper into the target audience to find influences among them can be much more fruitful. how to find influencers? Once you've zeroed in on your target audience, you need to be on the look-out for people who are in a position to influence larger audiences. For Example, if your book is on parenting and child ...

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Book Marketing

Book Marketing: Where to start

You know that defining moment, when you see your book in print. It's available for people to buy. Well, that is not the defining moment for you as an author. In reality, the big moment is when you decide to write. The bigger moment is, when you figure out the answers to these two questions. Who is your target audience? Why should they care about your book? Who is your Target ...

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tips for writing

How to find your Target Audience

The excitement you feel once your masterpiece is complete is priceless! You might think that the hardest part of becoming an author, writing the book, is finally over. You're wrong! The journey of an author only starts with writing a book but does not end there. Writing a book does not mean it will automatically sell - Find your target market. Every book is a new product. You need to treat it that ...

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