NP Recommends – Why we love Majid’s Diary

Highlights: Book: Majid’s Diary Author Name: Ghazala Rizvi Genre: Crime, Thriller, Mystery A diary is all that Jamal has to understand why brother Majid committed suicide. But, it is one thing to have missing pages but entirely another thing ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love Murder at Rutherford Hall

Highlights: Title: Murder at Rutherford Hall Author: P.B.Kolleri Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense Set in 1946 England, Murder at Rutherford Hall is a gripping tale that will have you turning pages till the end to figure out ‘whodunit’! Charles Rutherford, ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love No Murder Tonight

Is No Murder Tonight a Movie Masquerading as a Book? The interests of an aspiring pilot, a vengeful orphan, an insulted business tycoon, two CBI officers, an imprisoned convict and his henchmen, a young rape victim ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love The Third Mumbai

Highlights: Title: The Third Mumbai Author: Philipose Thomas Genre: Apocalyptic Fiction, Thriller The earth looks calm from space. Its majestic rotation continues on its eternal journey—a serene sight.  From the high sky, all looks well over the Indian subcontinent with ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love the Earth of Illusions.

Highlights: Title: The Earth of Illusions Author:Nano P Bott and S. Dave Genre: Sci-fi, Thriller, Drama No one would believe if one told another that balance exists in this world. Imperfect beings are complete while perfection is incomplete. ...

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Women in books

7 Clichés About Women in Books

In an attempt to create stories that we can identify with, storytellers often end up writing characters that are so horribly inaccurate and stereotyped that it's almost funny. Some Clichés are so cliché that it is hilarious. Here are ...

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