Getting Reviews For Your Book – Top Book Reviewers, Bloggers and Platforms in India

Have you ever thought of how readers discover new books they want to read? Although technology has helped the book industry develop by leaps and bounds over the last decade, word of mouth remains one ...

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NP Recommends #5 – Best of Poetry

We hope you have been safe and sound at home over the last few days. In this time of isolation, we thought we could help you focus on the positives. So this week in our ...

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Love is Possible Banner

Notion Press’ Latest rewrites the way we love and connect with ourselves and our better-halves

“To break up a relationship can be a necessity and move two people on in a positive way.” Yet, we cannot comprehend what we feel in those circumstances. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publication platform, presents Love is Possible: ...

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How first-time author Nimish Dwivedi topped Amazon rankings for more than 2 years

It goes without saying that writing and publishing a book takes time, effort and an unwavering motivation to keep going despite all odds. And for most aspiring authors one of the biggest motivations is the ...

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NP Recommends #4 – Mystery Books To Die For

Over the last few weeks in our segment, NP Recommends, we have explored some great books by Indie Authors. In case you missed them, click here. This week let’s look at some of our books that ...

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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days

The idea of writing an entire book from start to finish can seem like one of the most challenging tasks any writer has faced in their life. So much so that most of them give ...

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