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Notion Press’ Latest is bound to keep you intrigued till the very last page

“A con-artist runs with his lie to fool everybody until Karma catches up with him for the inevitable payback.” Greed and the desire for power often lay a solid path to unconscionable acts of fraud ...

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NP Recommends Week #30 – Build an Author Brand

Building an author brand is one of the most important steps in your journey to make your book a bestseller. How you package and present yourself to the audience is called branding, which is an ...

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Notion Press Presents- King of Bollywood by Amit Sathe

King of Bollywood gets kidnapped. Hysteria, Chaos, Political manoeuvring and the media frenzy follows.  Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform presents- King of Bollywood by Amit Sathe. The book takes you through the happenings around the ...

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Notion Press Presents The Billionaire and The Monk by Vibhor Kumar Singh

We work so hard to have it all: a beautiful home, a loving partner, a successful job and so much more. But what happens when these successes don't equal to true happiness in our lives ...

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NP Recommends Week #29 – Money Wise

Over the last 6 months, many of us have had to face terrible financial conditions. Your savings could have dwindled away or, you may have recently (or not-so-recently) lost a job. There are so many ...

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NP Recommends Week #28 – From Wry to Righteous

Poetry may be an art, but there are many poets who combine technical skill, formal experimentation, and scholarly learning to their art. They are poets who write about life, sex, sadness, joy, and even food, ...

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