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How to Write Better- Must Follow Tips

Here’s a strange but true thing about writing- it’s an art form that can never quite be described as perfect. Like any other art form, writing comes in multiple styles and presentations, so one can ...

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How to publish an eBook in India?

The digital revolution is taking place in almost every sector in the world, including the publishing industry. Traditional forms of books will always remain and gain an immense love for readers and writers alike. However, ...

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How to Write a Novel in 30 Days

As independent writers, we have the liberty to write at our pace. After all, writing a novel is a long and carefully calculated process; some of the best authors take years to pull out their ...

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Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages

Completing a novel is truly a wonderful feeling, right? But as a writer, you know that there is no greater pleasure than watching your books fly off shelves and land into the palms of avid ...

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Ashwin Sanghi, Shares His Authoring Journey

  https://soundcloud.com/kiruba-fm/ashwin-sanghi-one-of-indias-largest-selling-authors-shares-his-authoring-journey Ashwin Sanghi Kiruba: Hello and welcome to the First Book Podcast, India’s first and only podcast dedicated to helping first time authors. In this podcast series we have conversations with bestselling authors and business leaders to understand how they successfully ...

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How to Write and Publish a Short Story

World renowned novelist Stephen King once said, “A short story is like a kiss in the dark, from a stranger.” Irrespective of the profession, it always helps to start small, and in the case of ...

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