How film professional Karthik Kumar became a thought leader after his book on startups

Where it all started The name Karthik Kumar needs no introduction to anyone who follows the entertainment industry in India - From starring in mega-hit movies to making people laugh their guts out with his stand up comedy, there is nothing much he hasn't accomplished. Karthik Kumar, however, is also one of the pioneers of the idea of an entertainment startup, way before even AIB and SnG were household names. Fondly ...

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NP Recommends – Life sucks. Get used to it.

There are many books out there designed to hold your hand, lead you through life, sport an eternal smile and believe that life is all sunshine and rainbows. Notion Press, India’s leading self-publishing platform, presents to you Life Sucks. Get Used To It. by Mohammad Zubair - an Anti-Self-Help book that is filled with sarcastic quips and the brutal reality of life. Excerpt from Life sucks. Get used to it. : “I ...

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NP Recommends: Why you will love Flash Point

Noun: Flash point A place, event, or time at which violence or hostility flares up. Highlights: Title: Flash Point Author: Akash Joshi Genre: Thriller, Drama “Sometimes, it does not matter if you look back at the past or not. You are forced to look because the past comes in front of you and stares back.” Is there something such as a perfect crime, especially when karma deals you a hand in your lifetime? Jeet Malhan, a few days away from dying, is ...

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popular book series

What Makes ‘A Game of Thrones’ Such a Popular Book Series?

What makes a book such a great read? When you sit back and relax with a novel and get so engrossed in it that you have forgotten how the day just went by. One such book that gives you this soul-stirring experience is A Game of Thrones series, authored by George RR Martin. Martin began writing the series in 1991 and published the first book in 1996. Since then, he has ...

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best humour books

Humour Novels You Need to Read

  Laughter is and will always be the best medicine. No matter the source of laughter, those few minutes of blissful euphoria are something to cherish. Books have long been a very power source of laughter; that power stems from the fact that books let you imagine the comical situation in your own amusing way. If you are looking for a good laugh, read our list of the best humour novels. ...

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best thriller novels to read

9 Thriller Novels You Must Read

  Fiction novels have that innate ability to drag you into their world of fictitious reality. Every time you snug yourself in for a read, you get that tingling feeling of actually being inside the novel’s plot. Thriller novels are one of the most engaging reads; the numerous action set pieces, the glorious mix of drama and comedy and unexpected plot twists can keep you immersed all day long. If you’re ...

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pulitzer prize winning books

Pulitzer prize winning books you must read

Honouring excellence in journalism, arts, fiction and novel writing, the Pulitzer Prize is a recognition that American authors aim for. Renowned internationally for its success and significance in the literary circle, many critically acclaimed authors including Ernest Hemingway and Harper Lee have won this prestigious award. The award, which is named after a Jewish-Hungarian immigrant and journalist Joseph Pulitzer is an annual affair. Established in 1917, the Pulitzer Prize is ...

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reading biographies

Unique biographies that you need to read

A biography is an account of a person's life and what makes it an interesting read is that it transports us back in time and teaches us valuable lessons. Biographies of famous personalities are highly quotable and truly inspiring. Reading biographies can also inspire any budding writer. While its hard to compile a list of all the biographies out there, we have made a list of some of the most ...

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Jeffrey Archer book

13 Books to Read if You’re a Jeffrey Archer Fan

The release of Kane and Abel took the literary world by storm. Crime thriller lovers spent endless hours immersed in the compelling story of William Lowell Kane and Abel Rosnovski; their powerfully written characterization and a plot that sees them get tangled in a 60-year power struggle on the background of war, marriage, fortune and disaster. If you enjoy the quirky writing style, set in plausibly realistic and relatable backgrounds, ...

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Booker Prize winning books

9 Booker Prize Winning Books That You Must Read

Formerly known as the Booker-McConnell Prize, The Man Booker Prize for Fiction, simply known as the Booker Prize, is an annual literary prize awarded for the best original novel written in the English language. Renowned internationally for its success and significance in the literary circle, Booker Prize is greeted with anticipation and fanfare. Initially started as an award only for Commonwealth, Irish, and Zimbabwean countries, this prize is now open ...

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harry potter fan

11 Books to Read if you’re a Harry Potter Fan

Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Expecto Patronum! Those magical words we loved reading, watching and occasionally imitating. J.K Rowling took the world by storm with Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Six books later, it's still hard to shake off that Floo Powder.The Harry Potter series was successful due to its ability to transport us from the real, mundane word to a fantasy so compelling that we spent months eagerly waiting for our ...

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quotes about reading books

7 Awesome quotes that encourages people to read

Reading is not just a hobby. Reading educates you, empowers you and changes the way you look at things. And there are millions of other reasons as to why you should take up reading. But to start with, here are 7 awesome quotes that encourages people to read.   Very true. Have you tried gifting a book to anyone before? Well you must.     Your book will always be there for you. Just were ...

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become great writer

Seven books to read to become a great writer

These days, there are a plenty of online tools that make writing an easy job. From grammar correction to plagiarism detection, everything is just a click away. However, is writing that easy? If you are in the literary field, you will know that the answer to the above question is NO. These tools do aid in the writing process, but the actual idea of what to write and how to write ...

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books by women for women

Great Books Written About Women by Women

Vanquishing conventional stereotypes, women in today's world have made deep impressions in all areas of study, play and research. Women's literature has always been a genre near and dear to the hearts of many. Numerous powerful female centric classics have had women authors who have written with such vigor and passion that their tales feel almost lifelike. We bring to you a list of 15 of the greatest books written ...

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