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Flash pointNoun: Flash point

A place, event, or time at which violence or hostility flares up.


Title: Flash Point

Author: Akash Joshi

Genre: Thriller, Drama

“Sometimes, it does not matter if you look back at the past or not. You are forced to look because the past comes in front of you and stares back.”

Is there something such as a perfect crime, especially when karma deals you a hand in your lifetime? Jeet Malhan, a few days away from dying, is confronted by a past misdeed he thought he had gotten away with. Despite how well thought out the crime was and despite being committed sixteen years ago, it begins to unravel, making his last days a living hell to those around him, particularly his son, Ajay.

Major Samar Kaushal, who is already haunted by his past, is forced to relive it, much to the dismay of his companion, Sarah Diwan.

Kaushal finds out that the death of his wife was not an accident. His quest to avenge her murder forms the crux of this action-packed thriller, which makes you question whether divine retribution is worth waiting for.


He smiled maniacally, looked up and said, ‘I thought, considering my crimes, you would give me a harsher death. Encounter, execution, death penalty, murder, or something worse. I have done many illegal things and then some more. I have been unprincipled by many people’s standards. And all you could come up with is this silly disease?’ He laughed. ‘I will leave this world in a few days. I thought that heaven and hell were right here. Seems I was wrong. I am going to go scot-free.’

Why we love it:

The pace of Flash Point, Akash Joshi’s slick thriller, is brisk despite being packed with details. It is this attention to detail that makes it easy to visualize, playing like a movie in the reader’s mind.

Its compelling characterization is an added bonus to the nail-biting plot. Every character, from the aloof protagonist Samar Kaushal to the ambitious small-time thugs, is well etched, making you see things from their perspective.

You will love it if:

If you like films like Taken and Memento, or books like The Godfather, the works of authors like James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark, or if you just enjoy the sweet taste of revenge, then this page-turner is for you.

If you would like to read the Flashpoint, you can find it on Amazon or the Notion Press bookstore.

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